This December, the result of a truly spectacular and previously unprecedented project, has finally become available to the public. The talented Baltic Chef team, together with top chefs and food bloggers from the 3 Baltic countries, has managed to collect 180 unique recipes in one truly legendary cookbook; this is why the B’More team is especially proud to be part of the journey towards creating this book.

Through one-year journey, the team organised masterclasses with top chefs from the best restaurants of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, where the chefs prepared both regular, everyday dishes as well as truly incredible festive meals using the best quality ingredients and techniques.

As a result, this book will be a true joy and inspiration for professionals and cooking enthusiasts alike, as the process of preparing the outstanding dishes are presented in an easy and understandable way so that every reader can make them at home. It’s all framed by incredible colourful photos of both dishes and their authors as well as short stories from each cook in the book. Moreover, you will also find a story from the B’More…

Once again, B’More is proud and thankful for a chance to be able to participate and support this fantastic project and we strongly recommend getting your own copy before it sold out…

P.S. You can buy here – https://balticchefs.com/en/books

With love,

B’More Team