Every day we can make better choices for our health – take stairs instead of an elevator, walk instead of driving a car, choose to do a workout instead of watching TV, and just be more active in general. It improves our daily life because our bodies love movement! This is especially crucial if you are working in the office and sitting at the computer screen for eight hours. It has long been proven that physical activity has a good effect not only on physical health but also on mental health, so do not forget to move every day!

So, our team wanted to help you BE MORE active, so we decided to invite MyFitness Latvia fitness trainer, runner, and healthy lifestyle lover Evelina Semenovica to film several videos, which you can use for your daily routines and workouts! You can find them all on our Instagram IgTV.

First video – morning stretch. Perfect for your early mornings, as it takes only 5 minutes. You will do some breathing exercises, side stretching, spine, and chest mobility. Click here.

The second video – exercises for those, who are sitting all day at work or school. During work, Evelina recommends getting up and moving every hour, but this set of exercises can be performed 1 or 2 times a day. During this time, not only the muscle groups that suffer the most from the consequences of sedentary work will be relaxed. Particular attention is also paid to the movement of the shoulder girdle, spine, upper and lower extremities, as well as breathing. As a result, the tension in the shoulder girdle will decrease, blood circulation and oxygen supply in the body will improve. Performing these exercises between work will improve general well-being and stimulate brain function and increase productivity. Click here.

Third video – circuit training. It is important that the training are varied, so the third video offers you active circuit training. If the weather allows – go exercise outside! However, if you want, you can also exercise at home, because you will only need two free square meters. A total of 5 exercises. Perform each exercise for 1 minute and rest for 30 seconds. How many laps to repeat – choose for yourself. Start slower to understand the exercise technique. When everything comes together, keep more active, but always follow your well-being! Click here.

And remember to drink water throughout the workout as well! We hope this will motivate you and help you reach the best version of yourself! Thanks to Evelina for making all these videos!

With love,