Quite often we receive questions like ‘what is functional water?’ or ‘why would I choose functional water, not regular water?’. Today we are here to help you – let’s talk about functional water!

What is functional water?

Functional water, which belongs to the non-alcoholic beverage category, is water that offers additional health and other functional benefits. It is enhanced by supplemental ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals, acids, herbs, raw fruits, or vegetables. Functional bottled water is one of the fastest-growing categories in markets and demand is rising.

B’MORE as well is functional water with vitamins and minerals. Each product has a different functional effect, which will not only quench thirst but also provide the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals to improve immunity system and metabolism, ability to concentrate, and reduce stress.


How is it different from water and soft drinks?

Functional water is right between water and soft drinks. You can drink plain water, but you will not get an added value – vitamins, minerals, acids, herbs, fruits, or vegetables, depending on the functional water brand you choose. You can drink soft drinks, which as well have this added value – vitamins, minerals, etc., but then you also consume excess sugar, sweeteners, colorants, preservatives, and calories, because mainly these soft drinks are in fun colors and sugary.

So, with functional water, you get the best of both worlds – water with added ingredients for your health, but without excess ingredients, such as colorants, sugar, preservatives.


Consumer trends

Health-oriented products continue to gain popularity in bottled water. The shift away from soft drinks which have a relatively high sugar content towards low-calorie alternatives does not seem to be a fad, but a long-term trend. Research commissioned by the Dutch Soft Drinks Association shows that there is growing consciousness of the importance of consuming water for health. The research also showed that more consumers intend to increase their water consumption further over the next few years, which will contribute to growth. The consumption of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages by adults, in particular, is changing. Adults of all ages are interested in healthier options, and this not only means less consumption of sugar, but these consumers are also looking for alternatives to alcohol. In many cases, beer and wine before and after dinner are being replaced by healthier alternatives, such as bottled water. This long-term trend will help to drive the strong growth of the category over the forecast period.

We hope that we helped you to understand the difference between water, functional water, and functional or soft drinks. Choose wisely and be the best version of yourself!

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