Innovative foods with integrated extracted plant stem cells

This topic was represented at the 79th International Scientific Conference of the University of Latvia by Zane Grigale (Ltd. Nordic Food).

Introduction. More and more consumers are looking for products with raw materials from nature, and consequently, more and more scientists are looking for possible uses of natural raw materials to supplement the daily composition of products. Plant active substances are mostly used in medicine, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetology. They are mostly obtained by extraction. One of the most cost-effective and productive technologies is ultrasonic extraction, which allows obtaining concentrates of plant active substances. Adding plant active substances to existing products would allow creating new innovative products using local agricultural raw materials. Currently, the biggest challenge is the analysis of the final product, quality, and evaluation of the effectiveness of the result.

Materials and methods. The study looked at the effect of ultrasonic extraction and maceration on the yield of active substances in the extracted material.

Results / discussion.  The use of ultrasound provides several advantages compared to other extraction methods: extraction time decreases for substances from plant materials; the possibility of selecting the required solvent is provided; deeper penetration of the solvent in the cell structure is ensured, a higher concentration of active substances is ensured; process repeatability; solvent consumption decreases, process rate increases; method allows for the extraction of thermal substances; substances of laminated substances; plants do not need high maintenance costs, less energy is consumed for recycling; as a result, the process becomes more environmentally friendly and economically viable. The biggest challenge is the stabilization of the extract with food preservatives, where stability, microbiological and organoleptic tests are required.

Conclusions. The adaptation of the method and the choice of a preservative suitable for the final product allow it to be used in small food industry companies. Thus, this type of innovative approach can significantly change the development of a new product.