Food and beverages for brain performance – nootropics

Recent market research shows that consumers are increasingly focusing on cognitive performance with nootropic stimulants. Nootropics are a class of substances that stimulate the brain. These are sometimes called cognitive enhancers or memory enhancers. The growing importance of nutritional substances are important in the food and beverage categories, which have so far played a secondary role behind traditional intoxicants and additives. Recent researches from Euromonitor, Statista, MarketLine, World Bank, and OECD show that drinks and food fortified with vitamins and super-nutrients are gaining in popularity among a wide range of people.

The B’MORE BRAIN POWER drinking water also is a nootropic latest generation product for active lifestyle enthusiasts and educated consumers who are looking for daily water that not only refreshes but also provides the daily dose of vitamins needed to improve cognitive ability. It contains a complex of 6 types of vitamins, which provides 15% of the daily amount of vitamins needed to promote cognitive abilities.

“We know that consumers today have an active and resource-intensive lifestyle and that water is sometimes the only nutrient they take in during the day,” says Anita Pedāne, a member of the board of Nordic Food. “Using our latest achievement – B’MORE vitaminized water, we offer consumers water as a supplement to a diet with a balanced amount of vitamins for different life situations.”

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