A healthy lifestyle and health behavior in society are constantly changing from year to year. Recent researches from Euromonitor, Statista, MarketLine, World Bank, and OECD shows that consumers are increasingly paying attention to detailed information on the various causes of health, which is changing consumers’ perceptions of food and drink habits. We have summarized the current main consumer trends in beverage and food consumption in terms of health and nutrition.

Spend time to feel good. Mental well-being involves several areas. There has been a significant increase in the number of consumers practicing yoga, participating in meditations, demanding flexible working hours to maintain a good work-life balance, pointing out that spending time on hobbies, friends, and family is as important as appropriate and meaningful work. The goal of these changes is a more balanced lifestyle and a desire to maintain mental well-being.

Reduction of stress and anxiety. A fast-paced lifestyle, along with a changing political and environmental environment, has significantly increased the level of stress and anxiety that consumers experience daily. Although many consumers focus on a balanced lifestyle, many studies indicate that stress and anxiety remain a problem for a large proportion of the population.

In search of a balanced diet. Content analyses of lifestyle magazines show that the population is constantly bombarded with the latest diet and nutrition trends. To find a balance, consumers seek refuge in traditional diets, as many focuses on a balanced diet rather than one full of restrictions. Most consumers are looking for a diet low in sugar and carbohydrates, low in calories and high in protein. Consumers are increasingly choosing to include unprocessed foods, dairy products or vegan products in their diets, despite their short shelf life.

Providing good shape with high nutritional value products. Fitness trends continue to grow, with more and more consumers wanting to lead an active lifestyle. Consumers choose personal trainers, coaches, regular sports, mass jogging, and active recreation on holidays. In addition to mental well-being, physical activity is becoming an essential part of a balanced lifestyle.

Consumers who lead an active lifestyle often look for foods fortified with additional nutrients to improve their physical activity. B’MORE drinking water is also enriched with additional nutrients. It is intended for supporters of an active lifestyle and educated consumers who are looking for daily water that not only refreshes but also provides the daily dose of vitamins needed.