Nordic Food meets a major Australia food sector wholesalers

Nordic Food is one of the leading producers of innovative food beverages. As part of the Smartfood
activities, Nordic Food representatives visited Australia wholesalers to introduce innovative food
trends and innovative food solutions that wholesalers can offer to their clients.

Nordic Food experts have many years of experience successfully delivering innovative food products
for both B2B and B2C companies across a wide range of food sector.

Nordic Food recently developed prototypes of plant stem cell food products. Although products are
not launched yet in the market, Australia wholesalers showed a great interest in them.

Nordic Food research capabilities and out of the box research methods meant the Nordic Food team
could focus on the value-driven aspects of the innovative food development projects.

Nordic Food large selection of innovative food products reflecting the latest food consumption
trends caused great interest of Australia potential Partners. There has been an explosion over the
last few years of B2B businesses looking to innovative food products. Few companies have the
knowledge and expertise of the nuances required to grow a B2B business with innovative food
products, and the beauty of working with Nordic Food is that we’re able to bring a B2C lens on user
expectations to reframe how B2B businesses can grow. We are proud to meet potential partners and
hope to announce the partnership – marks out Anita Pedane, CEO of Nordic Food.

About Nordic Food:
Nordic Food is one of the world’s leading innovative food producers for established and rapidly-
growing B2B and B2C businesses. Combining enterprise functionality, an open innovation ecosystem
and close cooperation with scientists, Nordic Food enables businesses to grow sales with innovative
food and drink beverages. Nordic Food powers B2B and B2C for more than 100 innovative smart
food products, including plant stem cells products.