The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Latvia expresses its support for Nordic Food research

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Latvia has supported the Nordic Food initiative for the
development of novel foods based on the use of plant stem cells in food. The Ministry of Agriculture
notes that the use of plant stem cells in food is a major innovation.

Nordic Food innovation concept is to enrich the food with plant stem cells. The most important
advantage of plant stem cells is the concentration of plant active substances in a relatively small
the amount, which would enhance the functional effect of products in food production without
significantly altering their existing organoleptic composition.

In medicine, this regenerative or regenerative therapy is called future medicine, which has already
produced promising results in cases of severe pathology. Plant stem cells have been studied and
actively used in cosmetics, where their essential functional effects on human skin have been
demonstrated. Nordic Food explores and applies this discovery to the food industry.

The Ministry of Agriculture welcomes the initiative of Latvian scientists in the development of a
novel food and believes that the use of plant stem cells in food has potential in the future.

About Nordic Food:
Nordic Food is one of the world’s leading innovative food producers for established and rapidly-
growing B2B and B2C businesses. Combining enterprise functionality, an open innovation ecosystem
and close cooperation with scientists, Nordic Food enables businesses to grow sales with innovative
food and drink beverages. Nordic Food powers B2B and B2C for more than 100 innovative smart
food products, including plant stem cells products.
Nordic Food was founded in Riga, Northern Europe, in 2018.