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Key beverage trends for 2019

Healthy living, slow living, return to traditional food, increasing fitness, veganism and health are three macro trends that will continue to be key trends in beverages market in 2019. From vitamins to return of traditional ways of eating outlines eight areas to watch in the coming year.
Healthy living is often focused on physical appearance, but over the last few years attention has been paid to mental well-being, and most of the world’s respondents choose ‘mental well-being’ as the main criterion for health. Consumers look at health with a more comprehensive view and they are no longer just interested in looking good but are also looking for a good feeling. Spiritual well-being can involve several areas, whether it is the relaxed feeling, calmness, confidence, but most importantly, consumers want to spend time with themselves. Global consumer of yoga has been participating in meditation, demanding flexible working hours to maintain a good work-life balance, spending time with hobbies, friends and family, and giving more importance to sleep.
Slow living. The growth of social media, fast and demanding lifestyle, as well as changing political and environmental landscapes have greatly influenced and increased the daily feeling of stress and anxiety consumers. Although many consumers are focused on a balanced lifestyle and the importance of mental well-being continues to grow, stress and anxiety remain a problem for a large part of the population.
Return to traditional eating. It may seem that consumers are constantly being bombarded with the latest diet and nutrition trends, but consumers seem to be looking for traditional ways of eating, and many of them focus on eating a balanced, traditional meal rather than focussing on restrictions. Most consumers are looking for a diet that highlights low sugar levels, low carbohydrates, low calories and high protein levels, meanwhile looking for local sourced, raw products. These consumers want different solutions, often trying to incorporate raw foods, dairy products or vegans into their diets, even though they may not follow strict dietary restrictions in the long run.
Fitness trends continue to grow, and more consumers are trying to fight sedentary lifestyles and participate in various classes. Consumers work with personal trainers, connect gyms, participate in jogging clubs and even remain active on vacation. Along with spiritual well-being and healthy eating, exercises become an important balanced lifestyle. Gymnastics is not only an important preventive health care method, but for many consumers it is an important part of their image. These consumers want to portray themselves as healthy and fit, often sharing fitness routines and personal exercise goals in social media to enhance their image and presence online.

5. Veganism driven prevalence of vitamins and supplements. Thanks to the growing consumer awareness of the climate changes, the impact of meat products on the ecosystem, there is a growing movement of veganism. However, vegan lifestyle enthusiasts also have a very good understanding of the nutrients needed for the body. As a result, there is a growing demand for vitamins and food supplements in the markets. Veganism and healthy well-being are the driving forces for why so many global consumers take vitaminized and enriched beverages.

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