What is B’MORE?

B’MORE is next-generation vitamin water, which helps you to achieve more daily!

Each product has a different functional effect, which will not only quench thirst but also provide the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals to improve immunity system and metabolism, ability to concentrate, and reduce stress!

What B’MORE products are available?

There are currently four B’MORE products available:

-B’MORE Immunity + will help strengthen immunity;

-B’MORE Brain Power will boost memory and concentration;

-B’MORE Metabolism + will help to maintain a balanced body weight;

-B’MORE Meditation will help regulate daily stress and tension.

For more detailed information click here.

What are the benefits of B’MORE?

The unique formula of vitamins and minerals provides a functional effect for each product.

The products do not have a specific taste and smell, they do not contain calories, sweeteners, preservatives or colorants.

What vitamins are added to B’MORE?

Each B’MORE product has a different and unique formula of vitamins and minerals to ensure functional effect. 

Detailed ingredients can be found on website or on the product package. Click here. 

How much sugar does B’MORE contain?

Our products contain 0g of sugar.

How many calories does B’MORE contain?

Our products contain 0 kcal.

Is it possible to overdose nutrients when consuming B’MORE?

The B’MORE formula is designed to prevent vitamin overdoses of up to 2L per day, as there are vitamins in the diet and medication as well. 

The concentration of vitamins and minerals is designed so that you can gradually absorb the required amount during the day and do not cause excessive strain on the kidneys.

Is there an age restriction for B’MORE?

Our customers use B’MORE and give it to their children – we have only received positive feedback. 

Parents should assess for themselves whether children under the age of 12 need extra vitamins, and children should inform parents about the use of the product.

What is the expiration date of a B’MORE?

B’MORE expiration date is one year and you can always see that on package. 

After opening, the product should be stored in a refrigerator and used within 3 days.

Who is your target audience?

In the B2C sector, our target audience is supporters of a healthy and active lifestyle between the ages of 15 and 50, with an emphasis on the younger generation and innovative customers.

In the B2B sector, we target store chains and HORECA.

Which products are bestsellers?

Currently, our bestsellers are Immunity +, Brain Power, Metabolism +, Meditation.

Especially relevant in this season is Immunity+, which promotes strong immunity.

What certificates do your products have?

Our products have various certificates that confirm their quality and functional effect.

Hamilton Laboratory has acknowledged the health labels on the packaging, as well as performed independent product composition analyzes.

We have certificates from SternVitamin, which confirm the quality and quantity of vitamins and minerals added to the products.

We have also received a Free Sales Certificate, a GS1 Certificate, a Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate. EAN codes are available for products.

In which countries you can buy B’MORE?

Our products are available in Latvia, Estonia and Germany.

We are currently actively working on export development.

Is the product packaging recyclable?

Yes, our company treats natural resources with care and takes care of the sustainability of the planet. The product packaging is recyclable, and by agreement we produce the product in glass packaging, which is more environmentally friendly than plastic.

Is the product also available in glass packaging?

Yes, B’MORE is also available in glass bottles in two volumes – 0.3 ml and 0.7 ml.

Orders in glass packaging are made by prior agreement with buyers.

How are your products different from others?

Our products belong to the new, rapidly growing category – functional waters. Our products differ from others in their composition – B’MORE does not contain sweeteners, sugar, colors, preservatives, calories, they do not have a specific taste and smell, but they provide a functional effect.

You can replace drinking plain still water with B’MORE, which has an added value – a unique complex of vitamins and minerals, designed to gradually absorb the necessary vitamins and not cause unnecessary strain on the kidneys and liver.

What is your product comparable to?

Our products can be found in the category of functional drinks – these are drinks with some added value. For example, in the European and American markets you can find the following products – Vitamin Well, Life WTR, Arctic +, FAT Water, Volvic + Vitamin, Get More.

Our product B’MORE is a subcategory of the functional beverage category – functional water.

Where can I buy B’MORE?

B’MORE water can be purchased in our online storeas well as Maxima, STOCKAMNN, VIRŠI-A, KOOL, RIMI “Klēts”, Gemoss, Baltic Beach Hotel, ProBasketball Store, and others.

You can find full list here